Invisalign® In Omaha

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Unhappy about your smile? Invisalign® in Omaha can help.

For many years, if you didn’t have braces as a child or teenager to correct your bite or crooked teeth, chances were, you’d never have them as an adult – even if you were self-conscious of your smile. Between work commitments, thinking, “braces are for kids”, and not wanting to experience train-tracks, many adults have learned to just grin and bear it (pun intended).

In my practice, many of my adult patients who have complained about their crooked teeth find the concept of straightening their teeth invisibly to be an attractive option. Invisalign® treatment isn’t the braces of our childhood. It’s a system of straightening your teeth … without brackets, wires, and the lifestyle changes that come with wearing braces.

How Invisalign Works

Depending on your personal situation, Invisalign may or may not be your best choice. That’s why I always start with a consultation to review your individual teeth straightening needs. In addition to generally straightening your teeth. Invisalign can correct many issues including crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, gapped teeth, and open bites. But it’s not for everyone.

After our consultation, if we decide to go ahead with Invisalign treatment, I start but taking digital impressions of your teeth. Gone are the days of goopy impression trays – something everyone can appreciate. I can quickly capture an accurate 3D model of your teeth without needing to leave you with a tray of impression material in your mouth while it hardens.

Working with the 3D model of what your teeth look like today, together we can map what your teeth will look like when your treatment is finished. When we are both happy with the results, I send the impressions and treatment plan to the Invisalign lab where they use a 3D printer to make a series of clear aligners designed to snugly fit your teeth and gradually move them into their desired position. Over the course of your treatment, you will use a new aligner for each stage of treatment. Ready for your next set? No appointment required – just use the next in your series until your teeth look and act like we want them to. Easy right?

Living With Invisalign
If you’re not yet convinced that Invisalign may be the solution you’re looking for because of your busy lifestyle or involvement in sports or music, you’ll love this. You can take out your aligners for periods of time without impacting your treatment. They do need to be in place for 20-22 hours per day for best results but go ahead and remove them for sporting activities (but please wear a mouthguard). If you love to place a musical wind instrument, take your aligners out when you practice. And if you’re worried about an increased risk of decay or gum disease – don’t. Clean your teeth as you always have, simply by removing the aligners while you brush and floss. And while I never recommend it – if you must have that sticky sweet snack, taking out your aligners while you enjoy it is an option. Then rinse your teeth or brush them before putting your aligners back in.

Other Advantages
Because you change the aligners on an agreed upon schedule – usually every one to two weeks – you don’t need to come in to the office for regular adjustments. You get to enjoy your life knowing you only need to come in every six to eight weeks to pick up new aligners when we check you are progressing as expected.
And of course the best part – the only way anyone will know you’re straightening your teeth is if you tell them.
My team and I are dedicated to helping people smile with Invisalign in Omaha. Call today to schedule your consultation appointment – I’d love to help you fall in love with your smile.

Dr. Steven Wegner