A More Comfortable Way To Offer You Invisalign in Omaha

Comfort and dentist are two words that most people don’t put together, but in this month’s blog, I’m here to tell you that it is possible when we can use the technologies designed for – you guessed it – your comfort. If you’re coming to see us for Invisalign® treatment, you won’t have to sit through goopy, unpleasant tray-and-putty impressions.... read more »

Using Prevention For Optimal Oral Health

Since I first started practicing as a dentist in Omaha in 1979, there have been many advances in treating dental disease, which is something I am passionate about. But, my first priority then – and still now today – is to prevent dental issues to begin with. And when they can’t be prevented, I place my focus on working to... read more »

The Diode Laser

My patients and friends know that I’m a bit of a dental nerd – and as a dentist in Omaha, I embrace the dental technology that makes sense for my practice and patients. I’ve even checked out a special hard tissue laser to see if it would make sense to me and my family of patients – alas, that purchase... read more »