Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening in Omaha

Your natural tooth color is as individual as you are, and there are nearly as many teeth-whitening options available to you as there are shades of teeth. Using over the counter (OTC) brush-on, strip, or toothpaste whiteners, or professionally dispensed options, 40.5 million of Americans chose to whiten their teeth last year alone. If you’re searching for teeth whitening in... read more »

Dental Implants in Omaha

Replace missing teeth with dental implants in Omaha There are a number of reasons you could be missing one or more teeth. It’s quite common and can be a result of trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. It could even be that you never had an adult tooth to replace a baby tooth when you were younger. In fact, according... read more »

Invisalign® In Omaha

Unhappy about your smile? Invisalign® in Omaha can help. For many years, if you didn’t have braces as a child or teenager to correct your bite or crooked teeth, chances were, you’d never have them as an adult – even if you were self-conscious of your smile. Between work commitments, thinking, “braces are for kids”, and not wanting to experience train-tracks, many... read more »